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at Wheeling Jesuit University
Boys November 2, 2014

Event Overview: The 2014 Big Shot 7 v 7 fall lacrosse events, will be
held on the campus of Wheeling Jesuit University, on November 2
(boys) and November 9 (girls). This event has become a great fall
tradition and this year’s event will be the 15th annual Big Shot 7 v 7,
one of the longest running fall events in our region.
Registration: All registration must be done online. If you need the link
for online registration, please email

November 2, 2014 – Boy’s 7v7. Coaches must check at 8:00
AM at the McDonough Center on campus at Wheeling Jesuit
University. Games begin at 9:00 AM.

November 9, 2014 – Girl’s 7v7. Coaches must check at 8:00
AM at the McDonough Center on campus at Wheeling Jesuit
University. Games begin at 9:00 AM.
Ages: Middle School, JV (new varsity programs can enter as JV teams),

Cost: $475 per team: Checks should be made payable to Wheeling
Jesuit Lacrosse and mailed to WJU Lacrosse, 316 Washington Avenue,
Wheeling, WV, 26003. Roster size is 10-14 players per team. 14 is the
maximum roster size which enables us to ensure each participant has
a positive experience.



Waivers: The team representative / coach should make every effort to mail in waivers for each team
member in advance. If you need a copy of the waiver please email Kevin Dugan at

Staff & Officiating: This 7v7 event will be run by Kevin Dugan (Men’s Head Coach, Wheeling Jesuit) and
Bear Davis (Head Coach, Ohio Machine, Major League Lacrosse.) The games will be covered by certified
officials. Certified Athletic Trainers will be on site in the event of injuries.

Visitor’s Guide – Hotel information, Restaurants and more: We have created a 7v7 visit guide, which includes suggested hotel and restaurant information for families that might be travelling to Wheeling the night before the event. Please email Kevin Dugan at for the visit guide.


Field dimensions: 7 v 7 lacrosse is played on a 60 x 45 yard field consisting of 2 attack, 2 midfielders, 2 defenders (with short sticks) and a goalie. Rosters are held to 14 players maximum. These games tend to be a lot of fun and higher scoring then a full field lacrosse game.

All players must have a signed waiver. Our staff will check your rosters and waivers to ensure they match up prior to the start of your first game. 1. 2 midfield, 2 attack, 2 defense, 1 keeper on field at all times.

2. Sub on the fly.

3. 25 minute running time games.

4. No time outs.

5. Penalties lead to loss of possession or a 3 v 2 fast break. The person who caused the penalty does not have to be exempt from the fast break. In the event of continued penalties the officials reserve the right to suspend players from the game and in extreme circumstances, eject them from the event.
6. Use of inappropriate language from players or coaches will result in an initial warning from the official, but will be followed up with a penalty on the second offense and in extreme cases of misconduct and offensive language could result in dismissal of a coach, player or entire team from the event.

7. No body checks.

8. Face off to start the game - from there the goalie clears the ball after each goal.

9. There will be one horn to start and stop the games.

10. There will be 5 minutes to get on and off the fields.

Golden Rule: HAVE FUN and keep it fun for the kids.

Team regulations:

1. No more than 14 players per roster.

2. First team listed on the schedule is the home team and will wear the light jersey.

3. We will provide balls at each field.

4. If you have roster changes in the Elite and Varsity divisions please let the score keeper know your roster changes in your first game. We will contact you in advance for roster and contact information of High School players for visiting college coaches.

5. Each field will have a director that checks rosters and waivers at the start of the first game.

Game and event details:

1. Everyone plays in 7 team pools (6 games with 1 bye round)

2. All games are 25 minutes long.

3. Teams will be named Pool Champions (no play-off rounds)
4. The event is typically over by 4:00 PM

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